Man uses “dead” sister to get money, gets arrested for it


A SKINT Inyathi man put up a convincing show grief over the “death” of his sister before a fellow villager and was given US$40 to help with her burial.

But Luke Ndiweni, 30, was on Wednesday sentenced to 10 months in prison by Inyathi magistrate Tawanda Muchemwa after it turned out that his show of grief was an elaborate con.

The court heard that on May 17, Ndiweni, all weepy and inconsolable, went to the home of fellow villager ,Cephas Misheck Manyathela, and pled for cash to help bury his sister, Sikhangezile Ndiweni, who had “died”.

Touched by Ndiweni’s plight, Manyathela gave the “bereaved” man US$40 to assist with burial costs.

Prosecutor James Musaruri said Manyathela, in a bid to be even more helpful, then moved around 5 Polland Village trying to spread word of Sikhangezile’s “death”.

Bemused neighbours however told him that the woman was, in fact, alive.

Not impressed Manyathela reported the matter to the police leading to Ndiweni’s arrest.

The magistrate told Ndiweni that he would serve an effective three months behind bars for his con if he returns Manyathela.

The court also suspended three months on condition the cash was returned and another four for good behaviour. 

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