School hostel burnt down by “problem child”


A number of pupils were reportedly injured when a Form Three pupil at Bulawayo’s Eveline Girls High School allegedly set a dormitory on fire.
The pupil (name withheld) allegedly set Langdon Hostel on fire twice on Sunday afternoon. Pupils at the school said the girl who torched the hostel had earlier on the day swore that someone was going to die.
She is reported to have disappeared from the school after the incident. “She is temperamental. On the day of the fires, she was angry about something and she said someone was going to die that day. She started the first fire when we were having lunch, around 1pm. The Fire Brigade was called and the fire fighters managed to put out the fire,” said a pupil.

An official at the school said when the fire was put out, the girl went missing and was found later in her dormitory.
“We are told other pupils were angry with her because they suspected that she had started the fire. She was taken to sleep with the matron to protect her from other pupils. However, a second more serious fire started around 8pm and a number of pupils got injured during a stampede to get out of the dormitory, when the fire alarm went off. Ambulances from Mars, Emras and Netstar had to be called to rush them to hospital,” said the official.

Another official said the pupil later disappeared from the dormitory and when her father was called the following morning, he said it was good riddance because she was a problem child


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