Cheating couple forced to walk for one hour naked


Residents at a Mberengwa squatter camp had a free treat when two adulterers who were allegedly caught in action – busy as rabbits – were tied both hands and feet before being paraded naked in a display of shame.

The woman, Nicky Phiri, was allegedly caught by her in-laws pants down with Andrew Moyo, who is suspected to be her lover. The in-laws reportedly caught them during the absence of Phiri’s husband who is a gold panner.

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A reliable source from the village, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the cheating couple was busted at around 3pm.

“It was around 3pm when we heard noises from Mbuya’s house. We rushed there to see what was happening and got the shock of our lives as we found Nicky and Andrew stark naked in front of the former’s in-laws. The two lovebirds begged for forgiveness, but their pleas fell on deaf ears as they had their hands and feet tied together before being paraded in the open for everyone to see,” said the source.

They were displayed for an hour before being untied and given back their clothes after the family believed they had dealt with them by making them an example of what punishment should be given to cheating couples, it is reported.

Moyo reportedly left for his place and since the fateful day, he has not been seen at the squatter camp.

“After punishing the two, they ordered Moyo to leave and told Phiri that she was free to continue staying at her husband”s place until he comes back home and make a decision. Since last week Wednesday, Phiri has not been seen outside. She is always indoors and turns away her friends saying she is sleeping,” added the source.

When Phiri was contacted for comment, she could neither confirm nor deny the allegations.

“Whoever told you that story should tell you everything because I never phoned you and do not want to talk to you,” she said.

Efforts to get a comment from Moyo were fruitless as his mobile number was not reachable.


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