Nkulumane granny bathes huge Anaconda


In a spine chilling incident that left Nkulumane 10 residents in Bulawayo shocked, a woman allegedly opened up and told residents that her mother-in-law owns a snake which she bathes before using the same water to wash her grandchildren.

The matter came to light when one of the tenants came across the snake in the house and called the landlord’s daughter-in-law to help kill the dreaded reptile.

It is reported that the big snake miraculously disappeared and they searched for it in the house, but all was in vain.

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“We looked for the snake in the house but it was nowhere to be seen. One of my children then told us that the snake belonged to her grandmother. The kid revealed that on a certain day, her grandmother bathed the snake and then ordered her to get into the same water and washed her body,” said the daughter-in-law who only identified herself as Mai Khiwa.

She revealed that it was not an easy issue to handle and when she tried to discuss the matter with her husband, he dismissed it.

“We then told gogo about the snake issue, but she rubbished it saying there was no snake in the house. After the incident, a tenant fell seriously ill and a number of times in the middle of the night, she found her children wrapped by the snake,” said Mai Khiwa.

When the daughter-in-law and the tenants realised that their lives were in danger, they decided to tell neighbours about the snake and asked them to pray for them.

“The neighbours then advised us to report the matter to our ward councillor Ngwalo Nyathi. As elders, we discussed the issue with gogo and after the talks, she secretly started attending an apostolic church where it was prophesied that she should surrender her ‘evil things’. She failed to surrender them, saying it was difficult to take them to church,” said Mai Khiwa.

The prophets from the apostolic church reportedly approached the councillor and told him that they wanted to hold a cleansing ceremony at the house as there was a snake.

Councillor Nyathi CONFIRMED having received the reports.

“At first I got a report about the snake from neighbours and the daughter-in-law. Some prophets then approached me later talking about the cleansing ceremony which will be held sometime soon,” he said.

When the granny was contacted for comment, she however, denied the allegations.

“I do not know what they are talking about. We will see whether the prophets will find the snake in my house,” said the accused snake owner.


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