Prophet Mboro Helps 61 year old woman give birth to fish during church service


Jackson Linda (61) of Matatiele, Eastern Cape, confessed that he used juju ‘herbs’ to get his way for 30 years.

“When one of my sons died in 1983, I stole his shadow and used it to get money and destroy other people’s lives,” he said.

When his surviving son married Xolisile Linda in 2006, he feared his financial support would end so he took her to a sangoma in Mozambique.

“I wanted to stop her from having a child! The traditional healer cut her and rubbed in juju to make an unborn baby turn into a fish,” said Jackson.

He said he wanted to sleep with his daughter-in-law to boost his power over her.

“But I failed as Xolisile wouldn’t agree!” he said.

So he sent shadows of dead people to attack Xolisile and listen to her phone.

“We put a tattoo on her back as our sign. Wherever she went, we could see her,” he said.

Jackson said the prayers of Prophet Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng and Xolisile defeated his plan.

“I apologised to my son, Xolisile and Prophet Mboro. My evil things caught up with me. My health was so bad I felt I could die at any time,” said Jackson.

Xolisile (27),of Germiston, east of Joburg, sobbed: “I started having a problem with my womb in 2008. It looked as if I was pregnant and doctors said I had an ovarian cyst. I saw Mboro on TV and the next day, I went to his church in Katlehong. In church, I felt labour pains and a fish came out!”

Mboro of Incredible Happenings Church, said: “Xolisile went into labour during a service. A shocked male nurse ran away when he saw the fish, but the midwife pulled it out. She now has a healthy baby boy who is five months old. I hope madala repents and abandons his evil ways.”



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