Six Sex Injuries Men Should Look Out For!


So men like sex. Well like is not the word but you get the point too well.

However once in a while it gets real. Sex-related injuries are pretty common and there 6 particular ones that the male species should fear. Like, proper fear.

  1. Broken Penis: It’s called Peyronie’s and it is real. Yes, there is no bone but there are fellow gents out there who, well walk about with a crooked member. Apparently it affects about 10% of men. 10%! Oh lawd! By the way, treatment of this.. err.. condition has never been that effective. So pay attention.
  2. Ruptured Scrotum: Without the right lubrication and with a little too much eagerness, you could rip your member. We mean rip. That is never a good thing. In fact it is just bad.
  3. Bruised Testicles: When she gets too passionate and handles your, errr, nads, she could leave your, well, crackers jacked. Treatment means they have to draw fluid out. Now think of this slowly. Needles. Testicles. Needles. Testicles…
  4. Hernias: Awkward angles from awkward positions lead to hernias. A bad hernia and you could end up in  surgery. Surgery means you are out of action for a while.
  5. Torn abdominal muscle: Getting over-excited about positions you watched in your favourite… err… adult educational movie, yes the ones you watch for educational reasons can resulted in torn abs.
  6. Heart Attack: In short, you could die. Technically not an injury. Sometimes you need to know when you can’t carry on and not let your ego get in the way.

So it is all very well and good to have your fun, but remember that there are things, bad things, very bad things that could happen. If they do happen, go and see a doctor as soon as possible. And there is nothing wring with you. Accidents happen.


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