Beware of people who give you freebies towards elections, Chiyangwa warns whilst giving out chicks.


BUSINESSMAN and aspiring Zanu PF parliamentary candidate for Chinhoyi, Phillip Chiyangwa, has warned the electorate to guard against career politicians whose only objective is to enrich themselves after landing the post.

Addressing party supporters during a campaign rally last Friday, Chiyangwa said: “Some people go into politics because they want jobs so that they can make money.

“Watch out for such characters. You should also be on the lookout for crooks who will make promises and do not deliver on them. I don’t make promises, I do things just like President (Robert) Mugabe delivers. He has given you land, he has ensured hospitals and schools are built for you.”

Chiyangwa – one of the pioneers of the economic indigenisation crusade in post-independent Zimbabwe – said the electorate should choose candidates able to ensure they would be economically empowered.

“It does not make sense for someone to give you some freebies, but does not give you ideas that empower you,” he said. “When I give you chicks, it is for you to start a poultry project and make money and plough it back into the business and become economically independent. So, you need people with such a vision. Do you think if I had followed the vision of crooks who just make promises and don’t fulfil them, I would be where I am in life?”

Zanu PF’s central campaign message is economic indigenisation predicated on ceding shareholding to locals by foreign-owned companies, community share schemes and employee equity participation in some of the companies.

Chiyangwa – who was the candidate visible on the ground in Chinhoyi on Friday – is contesting against Mashonaland West governor Faber Chidarikire, a medical practitioner Dr Philip Mvurume, Matthew Magureyi and Richard Chafausipo in the primaries to represent Zanu PF in Chinhoyi.

The primaries were postponed from today to Wednesday and to tomorrow following demonstrations against alleged imposition of candidates by some senior Zanu PF officials.


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