Ex-Lover reveals Dr-Zobha’s identity


Veteran radio and club DJ Davies Mugadza has consented to a garnish order for his child’s upkeep.

This was after his former girlfriend Vimbainashe Ngara dragged him to the Harare Civil Courts. Although Ngara was not present during the hearing, Mugadza agreed to continue with the application in her absence.

“I am not opposed to the application and that is what I also want though Ngara is not here. Magistrate Rekinah Dzikiti granted the garnish order and instructed Mugadza to advise Ngara about the development. $160 will be deducted from your salary every month as maintenance for the child, direct into Ngara’s account. Tell her that the order has been granted,” she said.

In 2009, Mugadza was taken to the Maintenance Court, after he fathered a son with Ngara in 1999. Ngara was demanding $500 per month, while he was only prepared to pay $50 because he was then earning $282. He claimed he had three other children and an unemployed wife to cater for.

Ngara blew the cover on Mugadza and stunned the court by revealing that the radio personality was also raking in thousands of dollars from private shows, doubling up as Dr Zobha


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