“Dont have sex with your husbands until they register to vote” Misihairambwi says

he MDC Secretary General Priscilla Misihairabwi Mushonga has urged women to deny their husbands conjugal rights if they do not register to vote in the coming elections.

Addressing a rally in Cross Dete on Saturday, Mushonga said it was critical for women to participate fully in the coming elections.

“Our husbands have failed to play their role. Now it is up to us women to take it upon ourselves to change the political status quo in the country. If your husband has not yet gone to register to vote then you must deny him his conjugal rights. If he does not have a registration slip to show that he has registered then do not give in,” said Mushonga to a thunderous applause from the women at the rally.

Mushonga further said that it was the women who were suffering the most because of ZANU PF misrule.
“Right now women are forced to buy second hand undergarments because of the financial meltdown in the country caused by ZANUPF. What kind of a country is that?” she said.

The Secretary General has been on recording urging women to deny their partners sexual favours to force them to participate in the country’s political processes.

Speaking at the same rally party President, Professor Welshman Ncube said it high time Mugabe was voted out of power as he had overstayed.?

“Mugabe has been in power for too long and this is our opportunity to vote him out. It is time we give him his retirement package and he goes and takes a well deserve rest,” Ncube said.

The MDC has been criss crossing the country canvassing for votes in the crucial elections.Ncube also revealed to hundreds of supporters that the party’s election manifesto will be launched in the Matebeleland North province once the election date has been finalised.


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