Highlanders player in love triangle with sugar mummy


Highlanders Football Club player Bruce Tshuma’s marriage is on the rocks after he was reportedly involved in an illicit affair with an older woman from Harare he allegedly met on Facebook.

In recent months, Tshuma’s wife, Dudu Phakathi, has taken to the social networking site to accuse the unnamed woman of being a marriage wrecker. Phakathi has taken to swearing and lashing out at her husband’s alleged concubine for breaking up her marriage.

“Can someone please call this sugar mommy chasing younger men on (number withheld) and tell her to leave me alone. She has succeeded in destroying my marriage, so she can have him. He is now hers and hope they live happily ever after! I’m not going to stick around for s***, I am tired of her,” she wrote recently.

However, she has since deleted the posts. When contacted for comment, Tshuma initially said he was not in a position to discuss the matter. He dismissed it!

“I cannot discuss that with you right now,” he said.

Asked if he was admitting that the case existed, the player said: “No, actually there is nothing like that because my wife is at home. We do not have any problem.”

The woman at the centre of the controversy was aggressive from the moment she answered her mobile phone when she was reached for comment.

“Who are you? Who sent you?” she charged.

When told that Tshuma’s wife was complaining about her affair with the footballer, the woman denied the allegations.

“No-one took her man. That woman should fix issues in her house and leave me alone. I have my own issues to attend to,” she said.

Phakathi, on the other hand, confirmed that her marriage was on the rocks.

“There is nothing much I can say except that our marriage is going through a rough patch at the moment. It has not been easy for me and my son,” she said.

However, Phakathi’s close friends who spoke on condition of anonymity alleged that Tshuma and the other woman met and became cosy on Facebook before exchanging numbers.

“They decided to hook up, so the lady drove all the way from Harare to Bulawayo to meet Bruce. All this was happening when his son was only three weeks old,” a friend said.

Another friend said the affair blossomed when Phakathi had returned to her parents’ home shortly after giving birth, as is the cultural norm.

“At one point Dudu paid a surprise visit and caught Bruce unawares. She went through his WhatsApp messages and came across a conversation between her husband and the lady declaring undying love for each other. In the messages, Bruce and the woman poured out how they could not wait to be in each other’s arms and the lady even went on to talk about how she enjoyed their trysts,” a friend revealed.

The friend said when Dudu confronted the Bosso player, he confessed to everything and begged for mercy.

“My friend was really hurt and heartbroken because an affair was the last thing she expected from her husband, especially after she had just given birth. There were talks between the two families and even his coaches were involved, but nothing fruitful materialised because Bruce is stubborn and is so obsessed with this lady and does not care about his family anymore,” the friend said.

Phakathi reportedly confronted the lady at the centre of the controversy and she openly admitted that she was having an affair with the footballer, but said Tshuma had not told her that he was married.

The friends revealed that the marriage had irretrievably broken down and the pair was likely to go their separate ways. The friends said at one point Phakathi moved back to her parents’ place and wanted nothing to do with Bruce.



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