Bosso player adulterous affair turns nasty


A FALLOUT between soccer star Bruce Tshuma and his wife Dudu Phakathi over an alleged affair is turning ugly, as it has reportedly sucked in the footballer’s mother.

Last week it was revealed that Tshuma, a Highlanders footballer, and Phakathi’s marriage was on the rocks, as the wife accused him of cheating on her with an older woman a few days after the birth of their child.

It has since emerged that Tshuma’s mother was incensed after reading the story.

An angry Phakathi, whose Facebook wall has become a site for prolific posts posted during the week, claimed that she had received a barrage of attacks from her mother-in-law over revelations by this paper. The woman chose to fight her mother-in-law over the internet.

“So he was exposed in the newspaper, now his mother calls and swears at me like I am the one who sent her child to philander. Is it my fault that people leaked the story to Southern Eye?” charged the model. “I’m so f***** pissed off right now! Aaaaaaaaaargh!”

Phakathi, a model, posted that she was “off to the police station . . . to get a restraining order! Aaaaaargh!”

It could not be immediately established why Phakathi wanted to get a peace order and against whom.

Efforts to get her comment on the matter were fruitless. However, the Bosso player still professed ignorance on the matter.

“I do not know what you are talking about,” Tshuma said.

In an indication that the relationship is in rough sailing mode and was far from reaching a safe harbour, Phakathi posted on Facebook lamenting, “it’s a shame how we parade the streets and the people we share husbands with are watching us. They know us, but we do not know them.

“They would be laughing among themselves saying this fool, we also have shares to your husband. It’s hard.”

Phakathi’s friends last week told Southern Eye how Tshuma had abandoned his family for the older woman said to be married and having children.

The friends alleged that the Highlanders player had been so blinded by the older woman’s love to an extent of abandoning his family. The woman at the centre of the controversy was reportedly confronted by Phakathi over the affair and claimed that Tshuma had never mentioned that he was married.


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