Policeman arrested for using Mubobobo at pass-out parade


A police detective was nabbed on allegations of using mubobobo on an unsuspecting woman at a police pass out parade at Morris Depot last week.

Detective sergeant Tineyi Madembo (37), of police CID property section at Southerton police station is alleged to have produced his anaconda and rubbed it against a 40-year-old woman’s buttocks. The cop has since denied the allegations saying he had gone to the toilet and forgot to zip up his trousers.

Allegations are that on 13 June at around 10.30am, the complainant was at the police depot where she had attended a police pass out parade of her nephew who had completed police training.

It is alleged that the woman was watching the proceeded while standing and Det Serg Madembo came and stood behind her. He alleged unzipped his trousers and drew out his ‘sperm spitting cobra’ before rubbing it on the woman’s buttocks.

The court heard that some cops who were in the crowd alerted the complainant that Madembo was ‘feasting’ on her. She is said to have turned around and saw Madembo’s trousers unzipped and down to the buttocks level. The 40-year-old woman reportedly also saw the police officer’s ‘joystick’ whose head was barely covered with the shirt.

Through his defence counsel Lucky Mawuwa, Madembo told the court that it was a genuine mistake that he forgot to zip his trousers and was only alerted by the other cops. He claimed that the crowd blew the issue out of proportion accusing him of practicing mubobobo, an act of using juju to mysteriously have sex with a woman without her consent. Mubobobo is also commonly known as ‘African Bluetooth’.

The complainant told the court that she was shocked to see her skirt and pant wet before seeing Madembo’s trousers down to the buttocks level. The matter was stood down for continuation and prosecutor Tendai Kabudura is appealing for the State.



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