Woman beaten for refusing to sleep with snake


It was never rosy for a Binga woman who was ordered to be intimate with a snake by her husband barely a few weeks after tying the knot with the man of her heart.

The woman, Sukolihle Nyoni (29) reportedly said her husband Moffat Nkomo (52), heavily bashed her after she refused to have sex with a snake. It is reported that the couple tied the knot last month and all was well until the night of 13 June when Nkomo told his wife that he was not sleeping in their matrimonial bedroom.

Nyoni reportedly tried to get reasons from her husband to ascertain why he wanted to spend the night alone and worse in the spare bedroom. The husband is said to have told her that it was a long story before adding that she would soon find out the truth.

Nyoni’s efforts to get to understand what was really taking place hit a brickwall as Nkomo refused to open up before leaving her in a dilemma of what was taking place.

It is alleged that when Nyoni was dead asleep in the middle of the night, she felt something cold by her side which scared her off. The woman reportedly lit a candle to figure out what was in her blankets. However, she did not see anything. Nyoni concluded that it was just a dream and therefore returned to sleep. A few minutes after putting off the candle, she realised that indeed there was something in her blankets and she ran for dear life.

The screaming Nyoni rushed to the bedroom hut where her husband was sleeping to sought help. Much to the surprise of the frightened woman, her husband never bothered to find out what had scared her off, however, he is said to have told her to stop making noise.

Nkomo allegedly ordered his wife to return to the bedroom “and stop acting like a spoilt child”. Nyoni reportedly refused to return to the bedroom, and that is when all hell broke loose.

Nkomo allegedly told her that she had to return to the bedroom hut and share the bed with the snake which was the source o their wealth. When Nyoni insisted that she was not going to do such a thing, her angry husband then took a log and assaulted her. He accused her of not being a loyal wife saying she was putting his life in danger.

Nyoni escaped and spent the night in the bush. On the following day, the troubled woman reported the matter to the police leading to Nkomo’s arrest. For beating up his wife, Nkomo was hauled before Binga magistrate, Mr Stephen Ndlovu, facing physical abuse charges. He pleaded guilty saying his wife had disturbed him as he was enjoying his sleep.

Nkomo further told the court that he moved out of their matrimonial bedroom because of the snake which he suspected belonged to his wife.

For the offence, Nkomo was remanded out of custody to 5 July for continuation of trial.


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