Man caught having sex with goat


There was drama in a Naivasha estate of Kenya when a father of two was caught pant down having sex with a goat.

Resident of Huruma estate in Ndabibi were left in shock after it emerged that this was not the first time the man had been caught in the act with an animal. The man in his mid-thirties was spotted driving away one goat from the group of animals that he was grazing.

According to a resident Kamau Kinyua, he drove the animal to a bushy section in the area where he started committing the act unaware that he was being watched.

Kinyua said he alerted the neighbors who ran to the scene.

“We have never seen this kind of behavior here and we think he must have been mad to have sex with a goat yet he has a wife,” he said

He noted that the man who is a casual laborer in one of the flower farms in the area escaped before he was cornered by the public.

“We all witnessed the act as he was not in a hurry. But he left once a crowd started gathering” he said.

Another resident Esther Wafula wondered what he was looking for in the goat as the area had plenty of women who were not married.

“This is very serious, it’s unimaginable for a man of that stature to commit the act with animals yet we are all here”.


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