Bulawayo Man awarded $20 mantainance


A BULAWAYO man has approached the courts seeking to compel his wife to pay maintenance for their minor child.
Mr Zacheous Peresu, whose age was not given but residing at House Number 12222 Pumula South and his wife, Mrs Sifiso Ntini-Peresu (42) have been on separation since 2006.
The couple has two daughters and is still in the process of divorcing.

Mr Peresu, a part-time worker at Premier High School in Pumula South dragged his wife to the Maintenance Court at Tredgold Building yesterday saying she has not been involved in the upkeep of their two children for the past seven years.

He said he was earning $400 per month and the money was not enough for him to take care of the children.
In his founding affidavit, Mr Peresu had said he wanted $180 for the two children.

The ages of the children were not given but one is now above 18 while the other is still a minor.
However, Mr Peresu later revised the figure to $25 for the minor child when the matter was heard before Ms Charity Maphosa.
He said he wanted the money for school fees, uniforms and stationery, groceries and other expenses for the minor child.

The magistrate granted him $20 to be paid by Mrs Ntini-Peresu starting at the end of this month.
“You are 42 years old, able bodied and staying in a family house where your brother is looking after you. You have no responsibility at all hence you have no excuse whatsoever of not contributing towards the upkeep of the child,” said Ms Maphosa to the respondent


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