Telecel giving away $20 dollars to old subscribers!


Telecel has introduced yet another promotion, the Sim Card Reactivation promo which gives suspended subscribers a total of $20 in bonuses for reactivating their dormant lines.

The promotion, which was launched today (Friday) is giving a $10 welcome bonus to subscribers who reactivate their dormant lines and an additional $10 bonus for on-net calls immediately after they have recharged and used up 20 cents through the reactivated line.

“This reactivation promo has been a response to the huge number of subscribers wanting to join our network many of whom have had their lines suspended.

“Thanks to our focus on customer satisfaction and making mobile telephony affordable more and more people are finding value on our network and this promotion helps drive the desire to reactivate dormant lines.” commented Ashraf Elguindy, Telecel Chief Commercial Officer.

“The generous $10 welcome bonus and the additional $10 bonus after recharging and calling to the value of 20 cents is our way of thanking our subscribers for choosing us. Telecel does not take its customers for granted and where possible we will continue to offer as much value as is feasible from a business perspective,” he added.

The SIM Reactivation Promo comes soon after the launch of Telecel’s recent Mega Bonus Reloaded promo which offers an impressive 100 percent bonus to use for calls across all local networks and landlines.

According to the terms and conditions supplied by the mobile company, the promotion is open only to pre-paid subscribers who have been suspended but it is not open to those who have had their lines completely disconnected.

Reactivation is done by simply recharging any suspended pre-paid line which can still be recharged. Lines that were suspended before July 1, 2012 are not eligible to benefit from the promotion.


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