Man kills self over 8 Gig memory card


Police in Gweru are investigating a case of suspected suicide in which a 21 year old man shot himself on the forehead and died on admission at Gweru General Hospital.

It is believed that the deceased, Emmanuel Kakono junior, was facing theft charges that involved a Nokia phone and an eight gig memory card valued at $60. The items were stolen from a barbershop in Gweru’s Mkoba suburb and during investigations the memory card was recovered from him.

In another sad development, a 34 year old man was stabbed twice on the forehead by his friend following a misunderstanding on payment of firewood the two supplied to a buyer.

Allegations are that Givy Mpofu and his friend, Revious Mpofu (34) had supplied firewood to a buyer for five dollars, which was paid to Revious who did not give Givy his share. This did not go down well with Givy leading him to strike his friend with a knife on the forehead. Revious is currently fighting for his life at Gweru General Hospital.

Midlands Police Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko has appealed to members of the public to seek better ways of resolving issues other than resorting to violence. Inspector Mahoko also appealed to those who might have information that may lead to the arrest of Givy to report to any nearest police station.



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