Woman, son kill father over $2

A MT DARWIN woman who allegedly ganged up with her son and killed her husband accusing him of failing to account for $2 change two years ago, appeared at the High Court yesterday facing a murder charge.

The incident allegedly occurred at Makomo village in Chief Kandeya’s area, Mashonaland Central Province, on February 2, 2011.

The woman, Sauseje Daniel, and her son Award Makomo reportedly bludgeoned Aleck Makomo with a hoe and a wooden stick after the latter failed to bring home change from a grinding mill.

The State alleges all hell broke loose when Aleck, who had been sent to the grinding mill by his wife, decided to go for a beer drink and squandered the change from the $5 note he had been given.

It is alleged after spending the cash, Aleck came back home the following morning raising the ire of his wife and son. The State alleges a heated argument ensued prompting the woman to hit her husband on the genitals with a wooden stick while her son joined the brawl and attacked his father with a hoe.
A neighbour, Naison Jonga, who is expected to testify in the matter, told police in his recorded statement that he heard Aleck shout for help as his family members brutally attacked him.

“He (Jonga) heard the deceased calling ‘Jonga I am being killed’, and upon arrival at the deceased’s homestead, he found the deceased lying on the ground while his wife was holding a wooden stick and his son holding a hoe. At that time the deceased was lying in agony saying ‘I am dying I have been killed by my child and my wife’,” the State alleges.

The State alleges that Aleck’s health deteriorated three days after the brutal attack and he later died at Mt Darwin Hospital, leading to the pair’s arrest.

The trial failed to kick off yesterday and was deferred to October 28 this year.


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