10 year son catches father raping chicken


A man has shocked Kigwandi Villagers in Nyeri County, southwest of Mt kenya in Kenya, after he was caught yesterday evening having sex with a hen.

Sources reveal that the 40 year old man was spotted by his 10 year old son defiling the hen and he alerted the elder brother who ambushed him during the 6 pm incident.

He reported the matter to their local Chief leading to his arrest.

According to acting, Nyeri OCPD, Joseph Mwika the hen belonged to the elder son. He had bought it with the intention of keeping it and sell eggs in order to have money for his personal use.

The father lured the chicken with maize and tied the mouth defiling it for a while before he was caught. Unfortunately the chicken died after it was brought to the police station as evidence. Mwika said that it was taken to the veterinary doctor for tests to establish the cause of its death.

The man who seemed unshaken insisted that the chicken was his and had the right to do whatever he wished with it. He is in police custody waiting to be arraigned in court to answer to bestiality charges.


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