Zim “useless” bearer cheques selling for $100 US Dollars


LONG-forgotten Zimbabwe dollar notes are back in “circulation” in Victoria Falls, where they are being sold by curios vendors to tourists with some foreign tourists scrambling to buy long-discarded Zimbabwean notes.

The vendors said they expected the demand for the Zim dollar to pick up in August during the United Nations World Tourism (UNWTO) general assembly.

A lot of foreign tourists are expected to attend the meeting which is being co-hosted by Zimbabwe and Zambia from August 24 to 29.

One of the traders, Jonas Mudimba said the Zim dollar was selling like hot cakes to wallet-touting tourists who wanted to show them to their friends and relatives back in their countries.

He said prices for the worthless dollars were negotiable.

Inquiries by Standardcommunity revealed that a $100 trillion Zimdollar note was going for between US$5 and US$50, depending on one’s marketing skills.

Tourist arrivals in the country have picked up significantly ahead of the UNWTO meeting.

One of the tourist said she was fascinated by the Zim dollar note and would want to keep it as a souvenir.

Some of the tourists said they were buying the notes for resale back home.


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