Man beaten to death for using Mubobobo

A BIKITA man suspected to have had Mubobobo was last week beaten to death at a village beer drink after “provoking” fellow imbibers by claiming he had bedded their wives, police have confirmed.

Masvingo police spokesman, Inspector Zhanero said Wilson Mabanga, 50, was beaten to death after angering fellow villagers as they enjoyed a traditional brew last Friday evening.

“I can confirm that a man from Bikita was fatally assaulted by fellow patrons. The two suspects have since been arrested and are assisting police with investigations. The body was taken to the mortuary where it is waiting for a post-mortem,” said Inspector Zhanero.

Witnesses said the two suspects – identified as Silence Chandirekera, 22, and Rekai Mabanga, 40, – were drinking beer with Mabanga at a home in Mandivenga village around 8pm when he enraged them by claiming to have bedded their wives.

Since Mabanga was believed, locally, to possess the magical mubobobo powers which allegedly enable him to have sex with women without their knowledge, the suspects were enraged and sat about beating him up with a log and whips.

They continued to assault him until he collapsed and became unconscious after which Rekai reported the matter to one Walter Ganya, a local neighbourhood watch official.

Ganya then teamed up with other villagers and rushed Makanga to Silveira Mission Hospital where he died on admission. The case was then reported to the police leading to the arrest of the suspects.


One thought on “Man beaten to death for using Mubobobo

  1. villagers were right to tk law into their hands hwever they w wrng to kll e man i thnk thy only wnted to teach him a lesson.

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